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ST Engineering Telematics Wireless’ Smart City Solution Wins Smart 50 Award for Third Consecutive Year

Cleveland’s smart street lighting joins previous winning projects at Montreal, Eilat and Sterling Ranch

Austin, Texas, April 28, 2020 –ST Engineering Telematics Wireless today announced that its smart city project for Cleveland, Ohio in the U.S., has been recognized as a winning solution for its customer in the Smart 50 Awards 2020, under the Digital Transformation category. This marks the company’s fourth smart city project in the last three consecutive years to be recognized at the Awards. Held annually in conjunction with the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo, in partnership with the Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite, the Awards recognize the 50 most transformative and innovative smart cities projects in the world.

Smart lighting controls provided by ST Engineering reduce annual operating costs by as much as 20 percent for its customers, in addition to the anticipated 50 percent cost savings from converting to LED lighting. The solution in Cleveland uses the Telematics Wireless T-Light Galaxy platform to provide wide area communications network that manages the city’s 61,000 street lights.

One of Cleveland’s smart city projects, “Safe Smart CLE – LED Streetlights with Adaptive Controls” was submitted for the awards, and successfully demonstrated how the city is “building an economic engine to empower a green city on a blue lake.” Advanced technologies such as the smart street lighting solution was used to make Cleveland a safer, brighter and more attractive city for its citizens and visitors. Benefits of the solution include more accurate measurement of energy use and energy savings, reduced carbon emissions and streetlight outages, and the ability to adjust lighting levels in real time.

“Digital transformation has led to cities turning to smart solutions for a more sustainable and cost-effective city management. Streetlight management, which contributes to an increasingly significant part of cities’ energy use, is a growing concern on municipal budgets. The award win reflects our innovative technologies that have benefitted our customer, positioning them as innovators that drive smart cities of the future,” said Amir Hirsch, Business Development, ST Engineering Telematics Wireless.

Other award-winning Smart 50 projects by ST Engineering Telematics Wireless include:

Water Resource Management (Eilat, Israel) – Awarded under the ‘Urban Management’ category in 2019. Coastal Eilat, Israel, is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world but sewage overflows were killing off the corals. Wireless sensors were used to prevent 100% of sewage overflow, enabling the protection and regrowth of the coral reef.
Wireless Control and Mass Notification System (Sterling Ranch, Colorado) – Awarded under the ‘Urban Infrastructure’ category in 2019. Sterling Ranch had implemented CitySafe™, a lighting control and wireless mass notification system built on Telematics Wireless technology, to provide security, weather, safety and maintenance alerts. The system comprises technical hardware that allows CitySafe™ to reach out to the community faster and more effectively.
Urban Lighting Project (City of Montreal, Canada) – Awarded under the ‘Energy’ category in 2018. Montreal’s smart street lighting project involved the modernization of 132,500 LED luminaires and the implementation of an intelligent lighting management system from three solution providers. The smart street lighting solution has helped the city to better manage its lighting network, resulting in reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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