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Bright City Control & Management Software


Telematics’ Bright City CMS – Control and Management Software, is a full featured web-based control and management software specifically designed to tackle the unique application of roadway and street light networks. T-Light CMS uses a powerful web-based GUI and offers reporting tools built into the system. Additionally, most functionality is also available using any of the standard top mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Among others, the system provides remote diagnostics (e.g. fixture / apparatus malfunction, etc.), reporting capabilities (e.g. fixture / apparatus status, power measurement line voltage data, etc., and events and alert capabilities (e.g. On/Off transition alerts, Low/high voltage alerts, etc.).

The T-light CMS is a web based central administration system responsible for collecting, saving and presenting historical and real time information collected from the luminaires and street light cabinets.

Accessible anywhere in the world using standard internet browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc., including mobile devices, CMS provides GIS-based information regarding the location of streetlight cabinets and luminaires. The CMS allows the operator to remotely log into the system; (using personal username and password) monitor and/or control the light poles network.

Information from the luminaires include individual luminaire energy, voltage, current and power factor, burning hours, LCU temperature in addition to any information that can be provided by the DALI interface from the electronic driver (provided the driver possesses such functionality).


  • Provides a user friendly Graphic User Interface for easy monitoring and faults detection/reporting.
  • The ability to manage the power consumption of each device – Pre-configurable switching ON/OFF and Dimming/Trimming of groups, site or each luminaire.
  • Remote adjustments to lighting levels – programmable or on-demand; up to 10 events (dimming or other intensity shift) per 24hrs.
  • Identify individual lantern problems and failures and its location on the map
  • Control and identify LED On/Off status.
  • Provide early warning of high burning hours and high lamp voltage.
  • Allow to create maintenance routines which include LED replacement prior to failure.
  • Enable various schedules for selectable segments or individual luminaires.
  • Alarms and alert notification by SMS/Email.
  • Communication with GIS to import asset management information.
  • Historical reports of failure and energy readings.
  • Highly secured with IP VPN.