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Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)
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Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

The applications of the AVI technology are:

• Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)
• Commercial Vehicle Operation (CVO)
• High Occupancy Tolling (HOT)
• Traffic Surveillance

Telematics offers large verity of RFID technology, devices and systems. The AVI product line consists of tags and readers.

Each tag in the Telematics Wireless FP-101x product family is a superb, high performance transponder with proven performance in Electronic Toll Collection systems, HOT tolling as well as a variety of CVISN programs and applications.

Telematics Wireless FP-300x Reader product family provides superb low cost RF solutions for CVISN sites; ETC toll-gates; HOT lane management; law enforcement and RFID inventory control of tagged trailers or containers.

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